Financial administration


Every entrepeneur is required to report to the Tax Authority. This administration has led to tax bills which must then be carried out. Team Bredero is your key to tax benefits.
Tax evasion is a criminal offense, but tax avoidance is not! In the context of many (starter) benefits, team Bredero will present the most advantageous construction for you, this will result in more tax benefits for your business.

Pay administration

Pay administration is precision work. For each pay slip, it must be available on time, without error. Our office takes all care of your payroll. Our staff’s knowledge and experience goes beyond just making pay slips.
At Bredero you will be informed in advance regarding the administration. Whether you employ one, ten or two hundred employees, or any collective agreement: Bredero Administration arranges the payroll for you. We provide the pay slips and annual reports for your employees. Regarding the pension, we arrange that the correct data reaches the pension fund.

Fiscal advice

Tax advice

Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing. A dynamic that will not change in the future. Our tax advisors keep a close eye on all changes and their impact for you. They proactively take the opportunities with you and present them to you in a clear and understandable way.

Together with you, our tax advisors are looking at how you build tax assets and what possibilities there are to structure your business in the best way for tax purposes. Therefore, you have more insight in your business structure and this less tax costs.

Tax advice consists among other:

Starter advice

For start-ups, it is important to know the laws and regulations regarding to business in general, but particularly for your business branche. You can develop your business within the legal frameworks. We help you to define these frameworks and to devise a strategy.

Collection management service

Are Your Invoices Not fulfilled on time? Bredero administration ensures that You receive your payments. Our Office arranges the payment reminders for your clients.

Outsourcing has the advantage of eliminating the need to look at your collection management. If you choose this service, we will take it from you, giving you more time for the other parts of your business.

WOZ value

WOZ value increased?

Each year you will receive it again: municipal tax assessment. You will find the new often increased WOZ value on the tax bill. Based on this WOZ value, you pay property, income, inheritance, water tax and possibly also corporate tax.

Many owners do not realize that in many cases the WOZ value is set too high by the municipality. Too often there are special circumstances that justify a lower WOZ value.

What are your benefits?

Bredero specializes in the successful submission of a WOZ objection and thus lowering the WOZ value. We work with WOZ-Consultants. For many of our clients, we have already saved hundreds of euros a year on taxes. For owners of large and medium-sized companies, the benefit has already been several times amounting to several (ten) thousand euros per year.

No cure No pay!

If your municipality lowers your WOZ value on the basis of Bredero’s objection, the costs incurred will be reimbursed through a rule in the Act. This fee covers the costs incurred by us. However, all additional financial benefits in income tax and other WOZ related taxes are entirely for you.

Should I also pay if I fail to lower the WOZ value?

No, if the municipality does not lower your WOZ value, you owe us nothing and Bredero will bear the costs incurred.

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